VMFA-125 HD F-35B

We are pleased to release the High Detail F-35B by Decaff in VMFA-125 (CVW-171) Colours

This aircraft has been painstakingly built and repainted by Decaff and he has done a special paint for our sub-squad.

Any modification of this aircraft, including the use of decals will require permission of both CVW-171 and Decaff

Building and Painting: Decaff_42
Original Model: CEP – By satoru (CEP 2-3)
Original Weapons: Some Weapons from BNI, flares from Oranleed (See LoM for details)
STOVL Lift Fan Door animation by NightRaven
Lockheed & JSF Decals by Zack
Some Decals by CVW-171




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